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CRISA BANIA – Place of origin:
Athens, Greece - Spanish level: C1

Crisa Bania

“Learning Spanish with Liliana was a great experience! She certainly helped me out a lot during my first months in Madrid, focusing her classes on the language skills I’d most immediately needed for my day-to-day Spanish life while keeping the whole process fun! Her classes are smooth, interesting and personalized, and above all, very motivating – something extremely important for any person who needs to learn a language in order to survive in a new society and work environment! I trust that, apart from a good teacher, I have also found in her a good friend and wish her all the best for the future!”


DANIEL TANGERNER – Place of origin: Spittal an der Drau, Austria – Spanish level: B1+

“During my temporary residence in Madrid, I took Spanish classes at International House Madrid. Liliana was my teacher. I loved those times, classes were never boring, because we did many things, which includes we playing grammar games that helped me to learn Spanish. She is very friendly and is always in a good mood.”


JASON McCLURE – Place of origin: Texas, USA – Spanish level: B2

Jason McClure“Liliana is a wonderfully patient teacher, she helped me to feel comfortable speaking Spanish when I was first starting out. Even though she speaks English she refrains from using it in the classroom and it is hard at first but its really helpful at the end. She can also teach you various dialects of the language because she has lived in Mexico and Spain. Her compassion and desire to help people make her a great person to learn from”


AYA MONIQUE – Place of origin: Florida, USA - Spanish level: A2+

Aya Monique“The course fulfilled my expectations and more. Before I started the Spanish classes with Liliana, I have taken classes with other teachers that only wanted to do grammar exercises. Therefore, I rarely practiced speaking Spanish and that is very important when you’re learning a new language. I practiced speaking a lot during her lessons and now I feel much more confident. I really enjoyed her lessons and I felt very comfortable with her. She is very friendly and is also a good teacher. I highly recommend her.”


ANDREA PARENTE – Place of origin: Fortaleza, Brasil - Spanish level: B1

Andrea Parente

“The course really pleased me. The teacher was motivated and she really makes easy our learning. The atmosphere in the course was excellent. I am very happy to have learned a lot about Spanish culture and language.”


ALEXIS ELLIOT – Place of origin: Edinburgh, Scotland - Spanish level: C1+

“When I came to Madrid I communicated through a mishmash of bad Spanish and martyred French. I was a bit of an unconventional student because I only wanted to focus on speaking correctly. Liliana very patiently and effectively smoothed out my Spanish speaking skills and taught me a variety of expressions and sayings that I could use in my daily life in Spain. Her classes were fun, interactive and vibrant. She really gave me a practical, hands on experience, which is exactly what I asked for. What stood out for me about my teacher was her dynamism and enthusiasm, which were catching and motivating.”

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